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A professor stood before his philosophy class holding a large and empty pickle jar. When the class began he proceeded to fill the jar with golf balls.

He then asked the students if the pickle jar was full. They agreed that it was.

So the professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the pickle jar. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls.

He asked the students again if the jar was full. They agreed that it was.

The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the pickle jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else.

He asked once more if the jar was full. They responded with a unanimous “yes”.

The professor then took a bottle of chocolate milk from under the table. He poured it into the jar effectively filling the empty space between the sand. The students laughed.

“Now,” said the professor, “I want you to recognise that this jar represents your life.”

The golf balls are the important things… Your family and children, your health and friends.

The pebbles are the other things that matter… like your job, your home, your car.

The sand is everything else, the small stuff.

If you put the sand into the jar first, there is no room for the pebbles or the golf balls.

The same goes for life.

If you spend all your time and energy on the small stuff, you will never have room for the things that make you happy.

Play with your children, get regular checkups, enjoy dinner with friends and family. There will always be time to clean the house.

Set your priorities…

One student asked, “What about the chocolate milk?”

The professor responded,

No matter how full your life may seem, there’s always room for chocolate.

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