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The teacher named Thomson entered the class for the first time. And she has the habit of starting the class saying Love you all.

And she knew she was lying. she couldn’t feel the love for one of the students in the class. Who was very unkept, untidy and there was nothing in the child?

She was little indifferent to the child. She picked him for all negative examples and ignored him for all positive reasons.

In every school, they used to write a progress report for every student in the class and the Head Mistress has to countersign it.

The Headmistress called Mrs. Thomson and told “A progress report should report some progress. It should make a parent feel that my child has a future. The way you have written the progress report for Teddy parents would give up on Teddy”.

She immediately said that there is nothing I can do. There is nothing positive to write about the child. Immediately the Headmistress asked the administrative staff of the school to immediately trace the old year reports of Teddy and send it across to Mrs. Thomson’s class.

Mrs. Thomson’s saw the third standard report and it was written the final remarks, “Teddy is the brightest child in the class”. She was stunned by what she read.

She saw the fourth standard report and progressively all the remarks suggested that Teddy’s mother was suffering from Terminal cancer. Ans she is not able to give the attention she used to give to Teddy. It’s just beginning to show up the performance Teddy.

She read the fifth standard progress report and It was written, Teddy has lost his mother and along with that himself. He desperately needs help, otherwise, we’ll lose this child.

By then there were tears in the eyes of Mrs. Thomson. She looked at the principal and said I know what to do and she went back to the class.

Mrs. Thomson stood at the Diaz and said: “Love you all”. But she knew she was lying. The love she was feeling for Teddy was far greater than the rest of the students in the class.

Then she decided she’s going to change her approach. For every positive reason, Teddy’s name was called. There was no more negative reference to the whole thing.

The last day of the school came. All the children have brought some gifts for the teacher.

There was only one gift which was wrapped in an old newspaper.

Somehow the sense of a teacher, she could knew that it must be from Teddy. She opened that first, she found a half used perfume bottle and a bracelet from which few stones were already fallen from that.

The whole class laughed knowing that it is from Teddy. But without saying anything Mrs. Thomson took that half used perfume bottle and sprayed it on her. And also she wore that bracelet.

with quarter smile Teddy told, now you are smelling like my mother. This is the last perfume she used before she left me. And this bracelet was removed from her body before she was taken into the coffin.

One year later, end of the school, end of the year; there was a letter on Mrs. Thomson’s table. “I  have seen few more teachers. but still, you are the best teacher I have ever seen. With love, Teddy”

Every year during the end of school Mrs. Thomson used to get this letter from Teddy.

Years grew where they lost contact. Somehow an agent traced Thomson who was retired by now and handed over a letter. And the letter was signed, Dr. Theodre Ph.d. And the letter read, I have seen many more people in life, Mrs. Thomson this is Teddy. Still, you are the best teacher I have ever seen.

I am getting married. And I cannot dream of getting married without your presence. Along with that enclosed a to and fro flight tickets.

Mrs. Thomson couldn’t resist. She no more had the perfume bottle but she still preserved the bracelet. Then, she wore that and went to the church. She was trying to sit in the last row but volunteers identified her and took her right to the front row. And in the front row, there was a seat with plug card written, “MOTHER”. Theodore personally asked Mrs. Thomson to sit in the chair and whispered you are closest to my mother that I have ever experienced.

And Whatever I am today is because of you mam.

The wedding happened.

And after the wedding, Theodore introduced Thomson to his newly wedded wife, “Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today” with tears in Theodre’s eyes.

Thomson told to his newly wedded wife, without Teddy I would have never realised that a teacher must first be a mother to every student of hers than a teacher.

My request to all the teachers, there is Teddy sitting in your class. Just go back to your classroom and you can be that Mrs. Thomson.

Don’t go back to institute as a Teachers. Go back as a Parent who can be a Teacher. And be a turning point for every child.

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