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Meet the boy who hacked into 400+ websites, including Google, Microsoft, Facebook & Twitter. His name is Shahmeer Amir. So over the period of time when he learns to hack things and exploit web & mobile apps. He found flaws in major tech giants including Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo etc.

He has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in total bounties by reporting bugs 400+ global organizations. You’ll be surprised to know that he was once rejected from 17 universities. But who knew that he will be spending his days travelling around the world giving seminars on improving world security.

Although he was ranked no.1 on HackerOne in 2015. He decided to start a company to improve the cybersecurity of the world.

Today Shahmeer Amir is the CEO of Veiliux which helps companies to secure their online business

“Work to learn not to earn”  – Shahmeer Amir

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