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Your failures are your stepping stones towards success. As a child, Richard Branson suffered from dyslexia (reading disorder), due to which he had to drop out of school at 16.

Upon which his headmaster said: “I predict you will either go to prison or become a millionaire”.

So Richard Branson started his own magazine which targeted students as he never liked the way students were being taught at school. Unfortunately, the magazine didn’t run as he had hoped & he seemed doomed for failure.

So, he started a record mail order business & named it virgin records. And soon, it becomes the world’s largest independent Record Label!

It was only after he missed his flight, the came up with the biggest challenge of his life “Virgin Atlantic Airlines”. Although his colleagues thought that it was crazy to compete against British Airways. But he beat them in their own game by making his Airline affordable & responsive towards the customers.

Today Richard Branson controls more than 400 companies and has a network of $5.2 billion.

Richard’s story teaches us that

Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them & start again

Keep fighting; Keep Believing.

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