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We all know the rise of Mark Zuckerberg & how he created Facebook from his dorm room. But do we know what he sacrificed for his dreams?

In 2004, mark launched Facebook, but in 2005 he faced the most important decision of his life to drop out or stay and study at Harvard?

“It took me 5 mins to decide that I was going to drop out” -Mark Zuckerberg

But this wasn’t the only challenge he faced. Soon, tech Giant Yahoo! Offered to buy Facebook for $100,000,0000 But Mark Zuckerberg believed in his idea & knew that one day Facebook will be worth more.

So he refused to sell facebook being unaware of the circumstances. Majority of his team stopped believing in his because they thought selling out was a good deal.

So within a year, Facebook’s entire management team left the company. At that time Mark Zuckerberg could’ve easily Quit. But he believed in his idea & hired a new team. Today Facebook is the most widely used Social network in the world and Mark Zuckerberg in the 5th Richest person on the planet.

His story teaches us:

No matter what people say, Never stop believing in your dreams

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