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There were some free bagels. On the table were boxes of bagels and on the other side was a long line of runners, waiting to get their free bagel.

I said to my friend, “Let’s get a bagel”. He said, “I don’t want to wait in line”.

I was like “Free Bagel”. He said, “Nah, it’s too long”.

That’s when I realised that there are two ways to see the world.

Some people see the thing that they want, and some see the thing that prevents them from getting the thing they want.

I could only see the bagels. Then I walked into the line. I learned in between two people, put my hand in the box and pulled out two bagels. And no one got mad at me.

Because the rule is,

You can go after whatever you want. You just cannot deny anyone else to go after what they want.

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