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A daughter ran crying to her father. She said, “I am so exhausted. Life is so hard. Every time I overcome one obstacle, there is another one waiting for me just around the corner. I don’t think I can go on living like this.”

Her father wiped the tears from her eyes and led her by the hand into the kitchen. He filled three pots with water and set them to boil. “What are you doing?” the daughter asked, but her father did not answer. Instead, he went to the pantry.

He returned with potatoes, eggs, and ground coffee. “What are you doing?” she asked again, some annoyance in her voice.

Still, her father said nothing. The water began bubbling in the pots.

In the first pot, he added the potatoes; second pot, the eggs and in the third pot, the coffee. His daughter was becoming impatient. “Tell me what you are doing?” she demanded, but her father said nothing.

Finally, he took the pots off the stove, put the potatoes and eggs on a plate and poured the coffee in a cup. “What do you see?” he finally asked. “Potatoes, eggs, and coffee”, she snapped. “I don’t see how that helps me”. “Look closer “, he said she poked at the soft, hot potatoes

She peeled the shell from an egg, noticing how hard and white it was underneath. She sipped the rich, dark coffee. “ I still don’t understand, “she said. “The potatoes, the eggs, and the coffee all faced the same obstacle. They were all put into hot water” he explained.

“The potatoes went in strong and hard, but the water made them soft and weak. The eggs were fragile, but the water made them harder. But the coffee wasn’t changed by the water. Instead, the coffee changed the water and made it into something new.”

He put an arm around her and smiles. “Which are you?” he asked. “Are you a potato, an egg or a coffee bean?”

When challenges come along, will you weaken, turn hard inside or turn it into an opportunity to make something new?

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